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League Mangement Features The following features are available to system administrators.
League Setup- Configure League and Rink location(s) played.
 - Add League notes for public notices.
Season Setup- Configure Season.
 - Clone from another Season to reduce setup time.
Division Setup- Configure Division.
 - Add Division notes for public notices.
 - Upload championship Team Photo.
Game Schedule Setup- Configure multiple Game Schedules at one time.
Team Setup- Configure Team for a given League.
Roster Setup- Configure Players for a Team.
 - Configure Player Substitutes.
Player and Referee Setup- Configure Player information.
Scoresheet- Enter Game Roster, Scoring, Penalty, Shootout, Referees / Scorekeepers, and Notes.

Player Profile Features The following features are available to registered users.
Player Profile- Edit profile information.
 - Upload photo.

League Info and Statistics The following features are available to the public.
Box Score- Auto-generated Game Highlights (GWG scored by, GTG scored by, multiple goals/assists/pts by, goalie shutout, high PIM by, etc...
Calendar Integration- Export Division or Team Game Schedules and import into Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Mail, or Google Mail.
Syndicated Game Results (RSS)- Subscribe to Game Result News Feed.
Export Stats to Microsoft Excel- Export Division / Team Standings and Statis.
Sortable Division and Team Stats- Sort Stats by Goals, Assist, Points, PP, etc..
Google Maps Integration- Get directions.