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System Requirements
Internet Access + Web does not require any special devices.  All you need is internet access and a web browser. ** If internet access is not available at the rink or during game play, then scoresheet can always be entered at a later time.

Getting Started
RegistrationRegister with to get started.
League SetupEnter League info. such as league name, address, phone, website, and Rink(s) played.   Screen Shot.
Division SetupEnter Division(s) for your League; including Division name and # of minutes per Period.  Division(s) only need to be created once.   Screen Shot.
Season SetupEnter Season(s) for your League; include Season name and Start / End Date.  New Season(s) (including their Teams, Team Rosters, Game Schedules) can be cloned from another Season to reduce data entry.   Screen Shot.
Team SetupEnter Team(s) for your League; include Team name and color.  Team(s) only need to be created once and can be carried over to the next Season.   Screen Shot.
Assign Team to Season and DivisionAssign Team(s) to Season and Division.   Screen Shot.
Team Roster SetupAssign an existing Player (or create a new Player) to a Team for a particular Season and Division.  This is also where you can specific Subsitutes.   Screen Shot.
Game Schedule SetupCreate multiple Game Schedules; specify Game Date, Game Time, Home Team, Away Team, Game Type, and Location.   Screen Shot.
Referee and Scorekeeper SetupCreate Referee(s) and Scorekeeper(s) which are captured on the Scoresheet.   Screen Shot.
Enter ScoresheetEnter Scoresheet and specify Home / Away Team, Game Rosters, Game Scoring, Game Penalty, and/or Game Shootout.  Scoresheet also provides ability to end a game in a Team's forfeit.  Scoresheet results automatically update Division, Team, and Player Stats.   Screen Shot 1.   Screen Shot 2.   Screen Shot 3.